When Misdiagnosis Results In Harm

Doctors, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals owe a duty of care to patients in their care. They should monitor patients' symptoms according to accepted standards of care. They should use proper methods to review test results, analyze those results to up-to-date standards and report diagnoses to the correct physicians, medical clinics or hospitals. They should take steps to ensure that results showing particular diseases or conditions reach the correct health care professionals.

Did a medical clinic, doctor or clinician fail to notify you of a critical diagnosis, such as cancer or a heart attack? Did a medical provider commit a medical mistake? Did you receive the wrong diagnosis through carelessness and negligence? Misdiagnoses of injuries, illnesses and conditions have caused patients great harm, such as through:

  • Surgery performed that was not, in fact, indicated or necessary
  • Infection occurring after surgery when follow-up care failed to reveal a foreign object left in the body as the cause
  • Failure to treat a heart attack or stroke in time to prevent negative outcomes that could have been prevented

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Did Your Doctor Fail To Apply Differential Diagnosis Techniques, Leading To A Misdiagnosis And Medical Errors?

A reasonable approach to diagnosis of an illness, injury or condition known as differential diagnosis, consists of a protocol, including:

  • Gathering facts through all appropriate channels, such as interviews with family members and review of medical records
  • Determining possible explanations for a patient's problems
  • Ruling in or ruling out various likely causes
  • Ordering or conducting appropriate tests to find out whether any of the "ruled in" possibilities is on target

If a doctor failed to follow diagnostic steps with a result of harm requiring a change in your care plan, and you suffered adverse consequences, you should consult with an experienced medical malpractice plaintiff's lawyer.

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