Did You Lose A Loved One To Wrongful Death?

When we lose a loved as a result of the negligence by another person or company, families are obviously devastated. Oftentimes, the surviving members of the family have mixed emotions about suing for money. There is no amount of money you could recover that would give you back what you lost. However, money damages for the wrongful death of a loved one is the only way the law can compensate for the life that was lost and punish the negligent party.

The sudden death of a loved one is shocking and often leads to emotional and financial devastation. A monetary recovery can ensure that the surviving wife, husband, children and other family members can recover their financial security and focus on coping with the grief and inevitable life change of losing their loved one. Willoughby Law Firm helps its clients pursue their right to seek financial compensation for their losses. We have substantial experience litigating Oakland wrongful death claims throughout the state.

Proving That You Deserve Compensation

Proving wrongful death damages can often be difficult and requires knowledgeable and competent attorneys to maximize recovery for the surviving family members. Claims of wrongful death are defended vigorously. The value of a person's death in a wrongful death action is often disputed with issues of who was really at fault, contributory negligence, comparative fault, assumption of risk and issues related to causation.

Willoughby Law Firm is highly experienced in handling wrongful death cases and has the knowledge and expertise to maximize our clients' recovery.

Does The Firm Handle Cases Throughout California?

Yes. While Willoughby Law Firm is an Oakland wrongful death attorney firm, we have offices in Southern California and represent clients throughout the state.

Free Initial Consultation

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